Training really on hold

Well, had to have surgery. Will be off the running circuit until July 12th… Dr. told me 8 weeks.. and by GOD that is the day I will start running!  I have been keeping up with information and of course with the #RunChat weekly. It makes me feel like I am still out there to hear everyone’s stories and opinions. I have been doing my best to get out and walk at least, did over 3 miles yesterday. Have been on my bike also, so getting in some cross training, and helping my quads. I need to start stretching soon, as the pain subsides, I can do different stretches. I am not supposed to lift over 25lbs also, so I’m feeling a wee bit like weird having to rely on my Wife and Daughter to lift things that I normal would just throw over my shoulder and carry into or out of the house (like the 50lb bags of dog food). That curse is lifted after 6 weeks, which will put me at June 28th.  And yes, if you haven’t noticed, I am taking the Surgeon at his word to the tee. Kinda just the way I role. I figured if he gave me a time frame, there is a reason for it, and I’ll just add this up as recovery time. I know I will need to get back into the swing of things slowly, but I will get back with a vengeance also. With that said, I hope everyone out there is keeping themselves moving, in at least some little way.  As I finish typing this, I just got notification that my June Stridebox is on the way, Very excited to see what is in this one!

FootPrints in the Sands of Time are Not Made by Sitting Down!

12/31/2012 Hospital Visit

9 year hospital visit scheduled,  here’s hoping for continued good news!

Update:  1/04/2013


So everything went well. However, don’t know why other than I was jonesing for a cup.. I had a cup of coffee just before going in for the nurse eval.  Of course, pulse was at 80 instead of 65 like during the EKG and Echo. And, not that I believe him, but the nurse said my bp was 136/90… It has consistently been 112/72 for quite some time. Did the coffee play a factor.. Perhaps. The doctor told me that everything was working well with my heart valve, and when I told him I was running, he said to have at it. But to only push myself as far as I am comfortable. I told him that I was trying to keep my HR 150 or under, and he didn’t seem a bit concerned about that. Just stated again to make sure I feel OK with that. My blood work showed elevated cholesterol, and he wasn’t too happy about that. Funny thing is, I’ve been really good, but my gallbladder does have to come out, so he said it could be that. He said it could also be the fact that since I’ve been working out, I’ve been doing 2 eggs, 3x a week… Hmmmmmmm  We’ll make some changes and get rechecked in 3 months.  On the up side, my HDL’s have never been higher in my life, so I know all the running and exercise is finally paying off.



Footprints in the Sands of Time are Not Made by Sitting Down!