Training on psuedo hold

I’ve taken a step back from my training to help my wife get through her 5K training.  She has been struggling with her heart rate, often maxing it out. When I say maxing it out, I mean max HR or 180 and she’s doing 179… So I got her a Polar RCX3 trainer and some gadgets to attach to it, mainly the HR monitor, and I have her working her zones. Mainly looking to stay within zone 2 which is a recovery zone, but pushing as high as 4, but only in short bursts. Her resting HR has been fine in the mornings, so not sure what is going on with it spiking so much. We have noticed a definate link between her headache being worse when she maxes out too much.  Going to keep on trying, and hopefully get her built back up to the distance.

For me, I have been getting out at least once a week for a run, just did a 35:55 5K, not too bad for doing mainly walking for the last 2 weeks. Also started doing the #PlankADay, numbers are close to 1:30, and will hopefully be climbing.  Gotta get over to the gym more often, now that the weather is starting to warm up, and the sun is up in the morning… lol

FootPrints in the Sands of Time are Not Made by Sitting Down!


Started a 5K to 10K training program through RunDouble on my Droid Bionic. It is a program that works with AchieveMint (Earn real life rewards for healthy activities you track
on the mobile apps you already know and use). I chose to run the “time” version of the training version, as I can monitor my heart rate a little easier if I time myself, then if I push for a “distance” run. Other than fighting the winter blues, greens and pinks. When I feel well enough to run, I’m doing pretty well. I ordered a Polar Trainer (RCX5), since the Timex Global Trainer was horrible at grabbing satellites. I’ll eventually take the time to review the issues with the Timex and Review the Polar also. I’ll leave off by saying I just ordered my first StrideBox, so looking forward to the goodies included in that each month. I will also review that when it comes in.

Footprints in the Sands of Time are Not Made by Sitting Down!